Q1:Why no price on the website ?
A1:We are in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei wholesalers, Prices follow the market changes,.normally our price is negotiable according your order quantities.

Q2:Are your prices alway the same?
A2:No. These quotations are all subject to the fluctuation of the market. All our quotations to you are only available within 7 days. So once you accept our price, pls place order asap.

Q3:What’s the condition of online products?
A3:All our products are original OEM , Part of the product are brand new, and Grade A+.

Q4: How did you test the item?
A4: Our QC team tests the item via real phone / tablet pc / laptop device or professional tester. 100% test and for sure it is work.

Q5: How should I choose the difference quality goods?
A5: We will recommend you the quality of goods according to your market, business, target prices etc.

Q6: Is this screen factory original for laptop ? is same as my original screen for laptop ?
A6: as long as the specifications of LCD screen for laptop , LCD screen of different brands of many types are common, and usually use a laptop LCD screen is not aware of a model, is more factories when purchasing brand and may be Chinese, AUO, CMO, LG. for example, just like the car tires and other accessories like a brand is not specified


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